Seen and captured on Dublin’s streets *
Havana Streets
Havana *
Luxor - School class in the temple
Leipzig - Participants of the Wave Gothic Convention

For many years I did street photography without being aware of it. In the meantime, I have taken a liking to this genre and will continue to develop it against all legal odds. I’m not yet the confrontational type who jumps in people’s way to photograph them. I prefer to find a good position and wait for the right moment with a moderate telephoto lens.

London - Speakers Corner
Woman in street
Berlin - Spectators at the Festival of Lights
Flagbearer in Paris
Rostock - Visitors at the Christmas market
Montpellier - View into the workshop of a violin maker
Woman under bridge

Since the introduction of the GDPR, there has been a lot of uncertainty in street photography. Yes, I photograph people on the street without their explicit or even written consent. In my opinion, that’s legal, because I don’t exploit these images commercially, but see them as purely artistic works. And it is precisely this kind of use of such photos that is also possible within the framework of the GDPR. However, if someone recognises himself in one of my photos and does not agree, he should let me know [ message by e-mail ]. I will then remove the picture from my website.