Canal Grande

The main artery of Venice

Dream Islands in the sun

There is a paradise on earth.

A lost place

The last waltz has faded away.

Nightmare dentist

An abandoned hospital in Brandenburg

Exploring lost Places

A former pulmonary sanatorium

Summer time

Feldberg lake region

Elephant Sands

Waterhole gathering in the Kalahari

Dry season in Etosha

Springboks look for shade under a tree

A really lost place

Cells in a prison abandoned for 75 years


... but at some time the cell door opens.


Addicted to the moon
Roots are a parable for many things in life. But first and foremost they are the foundation on which most plants stand. With their help they draw water and nourishment from the soil. The roots of old trees are particularly impressive. I have tried to capture their aura in this project.