Nice to meet you

I am Frank Heller, a non-professional photographer. Most of my photos are taken while travelling. I love exploring cities and landscapes, capturing what is typical and special about the place. Occasionally I visit lost places where the bridge to the past appeals to me. I would like to photograph more events, where I am particularly interested in the people on location.

In the almost 50 years that I’ve been taking photos, I’ve tried out a lot of things and constantly learned more. In the process, I have accumulated quite a large portfolio of photos which I present here in excerpts. Nowadays in addition to my work as senior consultant in a public relations agency, I try to find time to deal with special photo projects.

After many years of analogue photography, I switched to the digital side at the turn of the millennium. After experimenting with various digital tools, the Minolta Dynax 7D was my first serious digital camera. Since I had some good lenses for these, I later switched to Sony. At the moment I am photographing with Sony Alpha 77 bodies and Tamron lenses.